Friday, February 27, 2009

Short but sweet...

My computer was officially a loss, says Best Buy guy. It was "junked out"(could they be more cruel about my precious?) and replaced. I am now the proud parent of a fancy new Compaq. Quite happy for the moment. No major gliches...wait, should I finish that sentence?

Surgery went well. Momma Kitty is feeling no pain and, short of some slight "no-go" issues, it seems that will be the norm from now on. It is nice to have exuberance again. I am confident that even after my friend Percoset leaves, I will be happy girl still.

Sydney is excited about the new apartment. She keeps telling us that we should go right now "to the new house with the pank room". We can't figure when she decided to say "pank" instead of pink, but its so cute we rarely correct her. It is her only country drawled word aside from the occasional "Rawz-way-ul" or "Maw-muh". We haven't gathered the nerve to break it to her that we can't paint the room after all. She is set on the "pank" walls. I have until April 14th to figure that one out.

Hubby is tired. He should be. He has been taking care of alot of stuff lately. It is nice to finally feel like sharing the load.

Sleep well, Michael folks. Tomorrow holds many adventures in store. (and possibly in stores, since there is shopping to do)