Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunsets in the city

Sorry if the title of this post fooled you. There will be no adoration of nature's splendor here. There will be no staring into the sky. Instead there were tears and much grumbling about my hair. As yeaterdays post shows. I am now blonde. Wait, I was blonde.

Let me reverse time momentarily. Bobby adored my pink buzzcut I had when Syd was a baby. When it grew out he was dissapointed. I recently began to feel a bit low about my body again so I went for the blonde with the plan for pink. After I saw the blonde, I really liked it. (The last time I attempted a change. I went red and LOVED it. Bobby didn't so it went away fairly quickly.) Bob and Syd wanted me to go ahead and do the pink. Bobby misses the old days I guess and Syd just wanted her mom to have pink hair!

So today after fighting Syd for an hour to take a nap, Bobby approached my hair with pink dye in hand. I was excited perched there on my toilet-throne of hair majesty. The bottle kept clogging. The dye wouldn't cover well. OH, the horror. I am left with pink bits and some still blonde bits and, in the case of the not quite lightened front bits, I have orange streaks. It is a quite a "sunset" of colors really. I am not amused of course and have spent the remainder of the day either moping on the couch or napping. Syd has been a mean little girl all day yelling and screaming at us. She is a mood-swinging booger-head really. It hasn't helped my depression over this hair-disaster that I have had to fuss at her most of the day.

Blah. Sorry, no pics yet. I refuse to allow the camera to be turned on. Gotta go now. It is 11 oclock and Syd has been in bed for two hours! She is now yelling "HUNGRY" at the top of her lungs. I might go out of my mind.....

Monday, June 22, 2009


I now have what Sydney calls "Yellow Hair" and will have until I finish the process tomorrow and go pink as Bobby has requested.