Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Black is the color...

I have went back to black. Long gone (not exactly, it was just last night) is the pink hair or even the yellow hair (I will never refer to it as blonde).

Syd was not as crazy yesterday or last night. Bob and I got to unwind a bit last night and hang out with Nikki. Even the dog was chill. Today is rather relaxed as well. I hope this new thing continues.

I am attempting to put off the Mountain City trip until tomorrow so I can make the potluck and first gathering of the Johnson City Vaudevillains. It will be nice to chat up some creative folks and instigate some performance.

Spoken Word Seen isn't launching yet. When school starts we will have a greater base to jump off, so I will wait. It would be hard to launch a separate thing right now when so many people will be focusing on the Vaudevillains. So many who I would like to see on my stage, too. Road blocks are no big deal. It has waited this long.

Bob's B-day is on July 29th. He will be 27. My baby is growin up. lol

Monday, July 13, 2009


Today, she threw such a fit that I cried on the porch after. Her screams were so loud that they bounced off the walls and made my ears do that funny hiss-thing that they do on roller coasters. She is trying to torture me into craziness.


Syd is being mean. She is refusing toilet training, very vocally. She will NOT be quiet when we tell her to. I'm going out of my mind. She makes me so anxious, constantly. She is always screaming or whining...or both!

Valium, Calgon, gallon of vodka. Something, please. I cannot quit smoking now. The way this feels, I won't be able to until she graduates college.

Oh, the migraine is back.